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Ever since I can remember, I’ve preferred the DC Animated Universe over the regular DC Universe. Specifically, Batman Beyond. It was just so interesting to see a new hero emerge as Batman. Only three seasons, the Batman Beyond cartoon was a fantastic cartoon that didn’t really get the chance to explore other characters and other universes. But writer Adam Beechan has given the fans what they wanted. Dick Grayson, a new Catwoman, and the creation of a titular character, the Joker King in the amazing story, 10,000 Clowns. After an ongoing series in 2011, Batman Beyond continued in Digital-to-print format under the title Batman Beyond Unlimited. As sad as it is for me to say, but this will be the last issue Beechan writes on before the series is taken over by Kyle Higgins in August. This book contains two separate stories by different writers, I’ll start with Batgirl Beyond

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Batgirl Beyond: Written by Scott Peterson with art by Annie Wu, writer Scott Peterson introduces a character long waited for: Batgirl. Commissioner Barbara Gordon in trouble in Crown Point, she is saved by Batgirl, and it doesn’t take long for her to be impressed. On a mission to figure out why the people of Crown Point are going crazy and starting riots, Batgirl tells Commissioner Gordon that it has to be someone poisoning them, and that it’s her job to find out since the police don’t care for the ghetto. A nerve struck, Commissioner Gordon digs deeper into this and finds the source, and Batgirl right on queue helps take down the people responsible. Commissioner Gordon then proceeds to tell Batgirl that she won’t sanction her activities, provides she stays on the right side. I loved this because, Terry is already working for Bruce. He has someone that he can consult to and can always keep him in line if it comes to that, so Commissioner Gordon doesn’t have to. But now with the deal she struck with Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon now has her “Batman”, so to speak. I absolutely Love this Batgirl. She’s just a girl from the slums of Neo-Gotham who took up the suit, and doesn’t give a damn as long as justice is served. Her don’t-care attitude is is so likable and she is cool as shit. I can’t wait to see her in action in Kyle Higgins’ new series.

Annie Wu did a fantastic job on this. She introduced Batgirl looking absolutely amazing. She was sexy, fierce, and Wu illustrates Batgirl to look clearly Latina, which is such a welcome and adds to her underdog don’t-care attitude. I can’t wait to see Batgirl return in August, and with Annie Wu at the pen.

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Batman Beyond: Written by Batman veteran Adam Beechan with art by Adam Archer, this issue concludes the story arc Undercloud. The Metal Men successfully contain the fall of Reed Tower, and go to Bruce, along with Terry and Max, for some insight on the new world the awoke in. Explaining that Doc Magnus was presumed dead, he decides to expand the bat-family and base them in the old Injustice Gang satellite base, and makes them honorary earth protesters. Undercloud a Hacker Collective used for no good, Max has an idea to use the talent there for a greater good. So Bruce decides that she’ll be in charge of Undercloud, creating a tech addition to the bat-family.

Adam Archer illustrated this issue and he wraps it up real nice with great art. The Metal Men look fantastic and his cartoon style really gives the book the Batman Beyond feel. Though the characters eyes may be a bit big, everything else is nothing short of amazing.

Adam Beechan has had an amazing run on Batman Beyond and he will surely be missed. Expanding the Beyond Universe and mythos, Kyle Higgins takes over in August with the title under a new name: Batman Beyond Universe.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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