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Batman Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games to date.  When I heard that there was going to be a sequel to say I was happy would be an understatement.  I saw the first trailer my mind started to buzz with ideas of what the storyline could be. We see a dying joker and the city crawling with criminals.  Was this the videogame version to the No Man’s Land storyline of the comics?  As the release of the game drew closer more details were released on the game storyline. Then came the Batman Arkham City comic book that acted as a prequel to the soon to be released game.

Arkham City begins right where Arkham Asylum ends.  Batman defeats a Titan-formula infused joker and send him to Arkham as a dying patient. Mayor Sharpe has begun plans to ensure the criminals of Gotham do not terrorize the city again. Meanwhile, Batman goes on the trail of a brother and sister criminal team who has now stolen the Titan formula that the Joker created in the first game.  Batman uses his talents as a skilled detective to discover that the brother and sister were working for Two-Face before they betrayed him.  They plan to attack Mayor Sharpe and the rest of the city council at the reopening of City Hall.  Batman manages to stop them, but not before they detonate a bomb that almost kills Mayor Sharpe and the City Councilmen.  This gives Mayor Sharpe the support he needs to create Arkham City. By the end of the issue you find out that a hidden figure was behind both Mayor Sharpe and the twins action. Then the fun begins of Batman going on the path to discover the real power behind the Mayor, Dr Hugo Strange.

Paul Dini, the writer of the game as well as the classic animated series, lends his talent to craft this excellent Batman tale. I always appreciate when a prequel is done perfectly.  Arkham City fits the bill as a well-crafted prequel.  We see the beginnings of the criminal masterminds staking a claim on each part of the city.  It starts out with a battle between the Joker and the Penguin, each vying for control over the city.  We get nice introductions to each of the players in the upcoming game.  We get a brief glimpse of Catwoman in all her voluptuous glory, the sexy but oh-so deadly poison ivy, as well as the new look of Harley Quinn.

On the art side of things, artist Carlos D’Anda brings the story to life with this excellent drawing.  The art gave me the same feeling I got from playing the first game as well as watching the teaser trailer for Arkham city.  The look of Mayor Sharpe’s special forces team resembles the look of the game. His art almost reminds me of Joe Madureira, whose art I am a huge fan of.

Needless to say this story has gotten me quite anxious to play Arkham city soon as I get my hands on it. As the story on its own it may not be 100% based on the fact that it does not end. But if you wanted to find out how part of Gotham was quarantined to create Arkham city, this story serves as an entertaining solution for those who are interested.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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