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Zero year has been going strong. Telling the story of Bruce Wayne like never before. But this Annual tie-in tells the story of Batman, a new story that delves deeper into Arkham’s history, and Batman’s psyche.

Written by Marguerite Bennett and Scott Snyder, with art by Wes Craig, Batman Annual delves deeper into the mystery of Arkham Asylum, and introduces the asylums first inmate. A girl by the name of The Anchoress. Batman has been called upon to test the prisons security for a new wing added to the asylum, but it quickly interrupted when The Anchoress acts on a grudge held too long. This story was actually very very interesting. It was so different in the way it presented Batman. He was almost secondary to his mind, which was the main focus in this annual. The mind of Gotham’s hero. A mind belongs in the very prison he working to enhance. The Anchoress rips at Batman’s psyche in a way that rivals the Joker’s.

Batman Annual writer

Writer Marguerite Bennett, who stopped by The Spiders web for a Q&A and a signing, told us that she loves the joker, at may have been an influence for The Anchoress. Recent college graduate, she’s been working her way up the ladder at DC Comics. First with Batman Annual #2, and next with Lobo, and later on, Batgirl.

The art is done by Wes Craig, who does it very well. Though the background art isn’t much to rave about, the character art definitely is. There’s so much emotion throughout this book, and it’s so perfectly penciled into the faces of these characters. That’s where Craig’s strong point really is. Making you feel Batman’s pain through art.

Batman Annual

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Rating: ★★★★½ Great

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