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The tale of Bruce Wayne continues as Zero Year (part 3) takes its first steps towards the birth of the bat!

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo

This issue starts off right where issue #22 left off, when the leader of the Red Hood Gang set fire Wayne Manor with Bruce inside, and the Red Hood Gang inside with him. The Leader of the Red Hood Gang gets really poetic here. Talking about Bruce’s parents, and how they’re death inspired him to form the Red Hood Gang. All the while the building around them burning, and neither Bruce nor the Leader caring about it at the moment. This issue has a lot of emotion in it, and a lot of first times. The Leader at one point holds a photo up of Bruce’s parents, and shoots two holes through the heads. I love villainy, not to the point where I’ll go ahead and start killing dudes, I just love when it’s so well done in all forms of media and literature. Though the Leader was talking a lot, he didn’t seem like a Bond villain. Now speaking of those first times, we see the first time Alfred patches up Bruce after a fight. He recollects on the death of the Wayne’s, and wishes he was there to patch them up, thus promising Bruce he will always be there. They show a lot of the “primary caretaker” part of Alfred on this story, which I love, because he’s normally shown patching Serving Batman a phone or looking up something on the Bat-Computer. This issue had a lot, but what it has that stands out the most, that makes the Zero Year story line step forward, is the crucial moment when Bruce Wayne makes the decision to become the Bat. One of the best things to see about an idea, is not the idea made true, but the birth of it. We all love Batman, but to see Bruce Wayne, broken down by his city, think of a way to return the favor in the most frightful way? What more do you need in a comic? Scott Snyder’s Zero Year is telling this story to old and new fans of the Bat, bringing us all under one roof in a house of phenomenal storytelling. The Batman title has been about just Bruce Wayne for a while now, but I can feel that Zero Year is going to set up a new era for Batman. If you don’t know much about Batman, It’s a great point to jump on, and I can already tell you that this story deserves an Absolute Edition. Scott Snyder has a Midas Touch when it comes to comics, and this book is nothing short of Golden.

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Greg Capullo to me was the best possible choice to pair with this storyline. Normally, Batman stories, especially ones concerning his past, have a dark and gritty art style. His parents dying and becoming Batman is a dark story, but to shy away from that and have an art style that compliments a young Bruce Wayne, is a welcomed change. Greg Capullo’s art does have an emotion vibe to it, being that he does character art and expressions so well. When it’s time to get dark though, he does his job. Fco Plascencia’s coloring compliments Capullo’s art perfectly. A bad colorist can ruin a good artists work. And his background and effects art is exceptional. Greg Capullo might just become one of those veteran Batman artists very quickly.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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