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There are a lot of comics out there. So many that you don’t even know they exist. So when someone recommends you a book you never heard of, your a little hesitant at times. But my local comic store owner, Paul, I trust him. Not because he owns a comic store of course, but because we have the same tastes in comics. So when he recommended Age Of Bronze, I took his word without hesitation, and I gotta say, I’m surprised I didn’t pick this up earlier.

Written and illustrated by Eric Shanower, Age Of Bronze is the retelling of the Trojan War, with historical features as well as literary ones such as Homers Iliad and William Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida. In this issue, Troilus and Cressida’s love is tested by time, dreams, and Diomedes. Waiting on the Trojan wall, Troilus’s love for Cressida stays strong. Cressida promising to return from the Achaean camp within ten days, he waits on the wall day and night. But her father, Kalchas, will not let her leave, and tries day and night to convince her to seek Diomedes’ love, instead of Troilus’. Her love strong, but her heart too kind, she denies Diomedes’ love, but offers a scarf as a token of friendship and tends to his wounds. Wounds given to him by Troilus. Confusions on the battlefield and a nightmare interpreted by Kassandra, Troilus’ heart is swayed, and so is the heart of Cressida’s uncle, Pandarus. Age Of Bronze is truly literary genius. Shanower has taken the classic story and the history of the Trojan War, and breathed new life into it like never before. It’s one of the best adaptations of Greek mythology and not only is it educational, but it’s utterly fascinating as well.


Shanower also acts as the illustrator of this book. The art is in black and white which gives it a classical feel. The art is fantastic and gives you detailed imagery of Trojan and Achaean customs, as well as great character art and great use if panels. A one man army, Shanower does a fantastic job with the Age Of Bronze, retelling the story amazingly. I can’t think of any other adaption that’s better than this.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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