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In this episode of PopCulture Galaxy TV, I discuss the weekend Box Office results, the new Spider-Man writers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D news and Mark Hamill as The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke. Enjoy and Subscribe.

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DAREDEVIL Season 2 Has Begun Shooting

Posted by Mark Bridge On July - 6 - 2015 0 Comment

Well that was quick.  Fresh of the success of the first Season of Daredevil, Marvel quickly announced that there will be a second season of Daredevil that will air before the planned team up series, The Defenders.  The Defenders will feature Daredevil, the now wrapped Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  Luke Cage and  [ Read More ]

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Posted by Mark Bridge On September - 8 - 2014 0 Comment

In another example of how time flies, we will soon witness the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead.  AMC has decided to get us revved up for the new season by posting a very intense trailer online.  I must say it did its job well because my anticipation for this season has went up  [ Read More ]

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Bill Paxton to Join AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Posted by Mark Bridge On January - 13 - 2014 0 Comment

Agents of SHIELD is a show that fanboys seem to love to hate.  But that hasn’t stop Disney/Marvel from pulling out the stops to win fans over.  Previously it was announced that they would be bringing on Stan Lee to play a significant role unlike his cameo appearances in the Marvel films.  Now news has  [ Read More ]

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GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Trailer

Posted by Mark Bridge On January - 13 - 2014 0 Comment

It’s a new year which means it’s time for a new season of Game of Thrones.  Based on the popular series of novels, Game of Thrones season 4 will cover the second half of the third book.  I for one think that some plot elements from books 4 and 5 might make it in there.   [ Read More ]

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Four Marvel Live-Action Series Coming to Netflix

Posted by Mark Bridge On November - 7 - 2013 0 Comment
Marvel's The Defenders

Earlier it was reported that Marvel was shopping around a package deal to networks and on demand services for four Marvel series.  Looks like Netflix is the lucky purchaser of that deal.  The four shows includes Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  According to the press release from Marvel and Netflix, the plan  [ Read More ]

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Why The S.H.I.E.L.D. Hate?

Posted by Mark Bridge On October - 7 - 2013 11 Comments

With two episodes out for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.l.D., I gotta say that I’m really disappointed.  Not in the show, but in the response it has been getting from fans.  It’s as if they never saw a trailer or read the countless interviews from the show’s creators, or even seen a film set in the  [ Read More ]

The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

Posted by Mark Bridge On July - 25 - 2013 0 Comment

I wasn’t too thrilled how season 3 of The Walking Dead ended.  I didn’t like the fact that the season ended with them in the same location as they started, and that the Governor story was left unresolved.  The silver lining to that is, there may be some truly tense storylines that could come of  [ Read More ]

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Arrow Comic Con Trailer

Posted by Mark Bridge On July - 23 - 2013 0 Comment

One of the excited things to come out of comic con for television is the trailer for season 2 of Arrow.  Amidst my frustrations with DC’s decisions about expanding their Cinematic Universe, Arrow season 1 was a pleasant surprise.  From the trailer, season 2 looks to up the ante with brand new character and what  [ Read More ]

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Welcome guys to a special edition of Galaxy View.  Joining me in this episode is Screen Rant’s Editor in Chief, Kofi Outlaw (@ppnkof) to talk season 3 of Game of Thrones.  We will be spoiling everything that happens in the season and comparing it to the book.  At the end we will go into book spoilers  [ Read More ]

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Dan Harmon to Return to Community: Season 5?

Posted by Zak Wojnar On May - 27 - 2013 0 Comment

I like Community as much as the next guy, and, as such, have been a little underwhelmed by Season 4, and at least part of that has to do with the absence of series creator, and scary loon, Dan Harmon. I personally find the show to be in the process of finding new footing, trying  [ Read More ]

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Shocking: Kanye West Has No Sense Of Humor

Posted by Zak Wojnar On May - 18 - 2013 1 Comment

  Our favorite Gay Fish is back, and he’s bitching about SNL. The diva/self-proclaimed voice of his generation spoke at the Adult Swim upfronts (for some reason) and went on a rant about how much of a humorless jerk he is. I hear he loves the smell of his own farts. Just sayin’. Tonight, the  [ Read More ]

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The Full Trailer For AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Arrived

Posted by Mark Bridge On May - 14 - 2013 0 Comment

And the gifts just keep on coming.  The full trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is now on line and we get a better view of what the series will entail.  The is lots of Joss Wheddon humor and action to make for an excellent show.  Please tell me that’s Luke Cage.  If he is, then  [ Read More ]

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ABC has given Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a day and time slot.  The show will air on Tuesdays at 8 PM.  As icing on the cake, we also get some cast and set photos from the show. I must say that the show boast quit an attractive cast.  And that includes Phil Coulson himself, Clark  [ Read More ]

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Fox Will air to very intriguing shows this fall.  First up, Almost Human from J.J. Abrams and J.J. Wyman, executive producer of Fringe.  Show will see a human cop (Karl Urban), teamed with a robot partner.  This show looks very cinematic in nature.  I know I’ll be checking it out.  I only hope audiences will  [ Read More ]

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Posted by Mark Bridge On May - 12 - 2013 0 Comment

And Here… We… Go.  I know.  Wrong franchise, but dammit I’m excited.  The full promo for this fall’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has landed online.  I expected to see a few Wheddonisms in the preview such as Coulson telling an associate “Don’t touch Lola.”  What I didn’t expect was how the show looks very cinematic in  [ Read More ]

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First Footage of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

Posted by Mark Bridge On May - 12 - 2013 0 Comment

The first full blown promo of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will debut tonight on ABC but we can get an early glimpse via 6 seconds of footage.  It’s very quick but nevertheless awesome.  I’m still having to pinch myself to see if this show really exist.  Come this fall every week, we will have a piece  [ Read More ]

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Go On Cancelled, And Other TV News

Posted by Zak Wojnar On May - 12 - 2013 0 Comment

The television upfront presentations are beginning, and this year is turning out to already be one hell of a bloodbath. On ABC, we’ve lost Malibu Country, so my Reba fix will have to be sated elsewhere, dramas Red Widow and Body of Proof, as well as Family Tools, which was quite hilarious but simply did  [ Read More ]

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Posted by Mark Bridge On May - 10 - 2013 0 Comment

Hallelujah!!!  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been officially picked up by ABC (As if there was ever any doubt).  The TV show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ill see the return of Agent Coulson, leading a select group of Agents to investigate the new, the strange, and the unknown across the globe.  The show  [ Read More ]

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Poster and Trailer for Michael Bay’s BLACK SAILS

Posted by Mark Bridge On May - 7 - 2013 0 Comment

A new pirate-themed series, Black Sails will be launching on Starz from action film maestro Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor).  The series acts as a prequel  to Treasure Island, focusing on a younger Captain Flint.  Starz has posted a trailer and poster online.  With this being on Starz, you can expect some decent amounts  [ Read More ]

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It seems like every television season finds KSL yanking programs from the schedule. First they pulled The Playboy Club over excessive heterosexuality, then they pulled The New Normal over excessive homosexuality, and now they’re giving the boot to Hannibal, over good old-fashioned violence. The serial killer drama is highly stylized and is closer to a  [ Read More ]

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Seth MacFarlane Hosting The Oscars In 2014?

Posted by Zak Wojnar On April - 19 - 2013 0 Comment

  If it were up to the producers of the Academy Awards, then the twisted mind behind Family Guy and 2012’s comedy hit Ted would return to host next year’s Oscars ceremony. After drawing a larger (and younger) audience than previous years, it’s only natural that the producers would want to repeat that success, but  [ Read More ]

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DEXTER Season 8 will be Last; Check out a Sneak Peek

Posted by Mark Bridge On April - 18 - 2013 0 Comment

I was beginning to worry that they were going to draw Dexter out for more seasons when the show maybe could have ended maybe a season or two ago.  Now word has come down the pipeline from Showtime that season 8 will be the final season.  Now we will be able to get some finality  [ Read More ]

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Hell On Wheels Season 3 Premiere Date

Posted by Zak Wojnar On April - 18 - 2013 0 Comment

You know what I love? Hell on Wheels. All due respect to AMC’s big guns The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men, but Cullen Bohannon’s quest to avenge his family’s murder, and bring ‘civilization’ to the west via the first transcontinental railroad, is my favorite show on the network. After the incredible second season  [ Read More ]

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FX is a cool network. They gave us the two of the best dramas of all time, The Shield and Rescue Me, as well as other memorable programs, such as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer, Louie, and Justified. They recently took over half of the Fox Movie Channel, and now they’re expanding to a  [ Read More ]

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