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Review – Jupiter Ascending

Posted by Zak Wojnar On February - 12 - 2015 0 Comment

“I love dogs.”   The Wachowskis have unlimited chances. The way I see it, they made The Matrix, and thus can do whatever they want, forever. Speed Racer was ahead of its time and Cloud Atlas was too esoteric to ever stand a chance, but Andy and Lana Wachowski are back at bat to take  [ Read More ]

Review – Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted by Zak Wojnar On February - 12 - 2015 0 Comment

“I don’t make love. I fuck. Hard.” After months of casting shake-ups, on-set drama, and fevered anticipation, Fifty Shades is finally upon us, and it doesn’t totally suck. It kind of sucks, but not totally. And that wasn’t supposed to be a fellatio joke, but I suppose that’s out of my hands now. Anyway, Fifty  [ Read More ]

Review – The Equalizer

Posted by Zak Wojnar On September - 25 - 2014 0 Comment

Got a Problem? Odds Against You? Call The Equalizer. Denzel Washington is back, in a major way, with The Equalizer, based on the 1980s television series. Robert McCall works at a Home Depot-type store in Boston, and when he sees injustice, he doesn’t write a blog about it, he doesn’t call the cops, and he  [ Read More ]

Review – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Posted by Zak Wojnar On August - 8 - 2014 0 Comment

  “So… They’re aliens?” “No. That would be stupid. They’re reptiles!” Despite what some might tell you, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not a sacred and revered property; they’re a bunch of silly kids who kick butt and talk smack like Spider-Man on a sugar buzz. This irreverence carries over to their newest incarnation,  [ Read More ]

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Posted by Zak Wojnar On July - 30 - 2014 0 Comment

  Instead of my usual quote, I will instead insert a paraphrase, while reminding readers that this is, in fact, a family film: “I may be an asshole, but I’m not 100% a dick.” The Marvel Cinematic Universe is just that, a universe. Not limited to adventures on Earth, we’ve seen interplanetary antics in both  [ Read More ]

Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Posted by Zak Wojnar On May - 26 - 2014 0 Comment

“In the future, do I make it?” “…No. But we have a chance to change that.” It’s may be hard to believe, but Days of Future Past is the seventh entry in the X-Men series. After veering wildly into spin-off territory with a pair of Wolverine films and something of a reboot in the distant  [ Read More ]

Review – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Posted by Zak Wojnar On April - 30 - 2014 0 Comment

After a bumpy franchise reboot just five years after the… Let’s say “contested” Spider-Man 3, director Marc Webb and his team had their work cut out for them making a sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. At least they had the perfect opportunity to step back, take what worked and run with it, to ditch what  [ Read More ]

Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Posted by Zak Wojnar On April - 4 - 2014 0 Comment

“I told you… SHIELD doesn’t negotiate.” In the two years since The Avengers saved the world (but totally wrecked Grand Central Station), everybody’s returned to their old lives. Iron Man took a vacation to Tennessee, Thor went back home, and The Hulk returned to not being in movies. For the most part, everything returned to  [ Read More ]

Review – Robocop

Posted by Zak Wojnar On February - 11 - 2014 1 Comment

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me” Robocop, the robot cop, finds himself in a unique predicament. It’s been decades since a decent movie has carried his name, and now that he’s back, it’s as part of the Hollywood Remake Machine. The violence is toned down to fit a PG-13 rating, and Robo now rides  [ Read More ]

Michael Douglas to Play Hank Pym in Marvel’s Ant-Man

Posted by Mark Bridge On January - 13 - 2014 0 Comment

Marvel’s absolutely does not shy away from hiring top notch talented and legendary actors to appear in their films.  This summer we will see Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Glen Close will be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Next summer we will see James Spader playing the big bad in  [ Read More ]

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Review – Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Posted by Zak Wojnar On December - 18 - 2013 1 Comment

Don’t yell at Brick. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the endlessly quotable 2004 comedy classic, was getting ripe for a sequel, and, nine years later, here we are. Ron Burgundy and friends jump into 1980 with mostly new jokes, but is it worth the nine-year wait, or would Anchorman be better served fading into  [ Read More ]

Review – Thor: The Dark World

Posted by Zak Wojnar On November - 8 - 2013 0 Comment

“The Aether awakens us. The Convergence returns.” Many ages ago, the forces of Asgard defeated the Dark Elves and their leader, Malekith. Now he’s back, with a creative plan to destroy the Nine Realms, and… That’s pretty much the whole plot. Thankfully, there’s a ton of character and humor in the snappy-if-thin script, as well  [ Read More ]

Ender’s Game Review

Posted by Mark Bridge On November - 6 - 2013 0 Comment

Other than comic books, young adult novels have become a go to source for film adaptations in recent years.  Some have succeeded in becoming a profitable franchise, while some were just a non starter.  Ender’s Game is hoping to become the next entry in the former group.  The film based on the 1985 novel of  [ Read More ]

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Riddick-Mania: Part 3: Riddick

Posted by Zak Wojnar On September - 11 - 2013 0 Comment

This is a spoiler-free review of Riddick. For part 2 of Riddick-Mania, click here.   We may have thought Richard B. Riddick was gone for good, but he’s back with a vengeance. Riddick has smaller budget, a narrower scope, an excellent script, and a nine year gap in which in which David Twohy’s directing skills  [ Read More ]

Riddick-Mania: Part 2: Dark Fury & The Chronicles of Riddick

Posted by Zak Wojnar On September - 6 - 2013 1 Comment

“You Keep What You Kill” (Read part one of this story HERE) Four years after Pitch Black became a modest box-office hit and cult classic, Vin Diesel and David Twohy returned to the character in an effort to expand his universe. The Chronicles of Riddick was a three-part project, consisting of a big-budget theatrical release,  [ Read More ]

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Riddick-Mania: Part 1: Pitch Black

Posted by Zak Wojnar On September - 5 - 2013 1 Comment

Against all odds, Richard B. Riddick returns to theaters this Friday, nine years after his last feature film left audiences hanging on one hell of an ending… But we’ll get to that.   For now, we’re going back to 2000, when writer-director David Twohy first introduced audiences to Riddick, as well as a pre-Fast &  [ Read More ]

Review – Kick-Ass 2

Posted by Zak Wojnar On August - 14 - 2013 0 Comment

“You don’t have to be a bad-ass to be a superhero. You just have to be brave.” Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass (yes, yes, based on the comic book by Mark Millar) was a fresh take, not just on the superhero genre, but also on the vigilante film, becoming the heir apparent to both Batman and Death  [ Read More ]

Blue Jasmine Review

Posted by Mark Bridge On August - 5 - 2013 0 Comment

While, Blue Jasmine, the latest film from acclaimed director and actor, Woody Allen, does not set out to be primarily comedic, there are plenty moments of humour which leaves the viewer laughing audibly without even realising it. This compelling drama, which is filled with tension, has an unsettling albeit dark comedic side to it. The  [ Read More ]

Review – 2 Guns

Posted by Zak Wojnar On August - 3 - 2013 0 Comment

2 Guns is the story of two men, undercover with different organizations, out to steal a ton of cash from some really bad guys. Long story short, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg aren’t exactly miscast, as they have fine chemistry together, but their characters are unlikable and poorly written. Despite some snappy dialogue, the story  [ Read More ]

Review – The Lone Ranger

Posted by Zak Wojnar On July - 3 - 2013 0 Comment

Tonto: “There come a time, when good man must wear mask” The Lone Ranger, in a nutshell, is Pirates of the Caribbean in the Wild West, and Gore Verbinski brings to it his brand of epic visuals, family-unfriendly violence, raw adventure, and Johnny Depp doing his thing. Like Pirates before it, it’s overly long and  [ Read More ]

Review – White House Down

Posted by Zak Wojnar On June - 27 - 2013 1 Comment

“How are you still awake?” “Coffee and patriotism, sir.” Roland Emmerich has destroyed the White House in both Independence Day (Yay!) and 2012 (Boo!), and he’s at it again in his latest flick. When terrorists attack President Jamie Foxx’s home and take hostages, it’s up to Secret Service Agent (candidate) Channing Tatum to save the  [ Read More ]

Breakup at a Wedding Review

Posted by Mark Bridge On June - 24 - 2013 0 Comment

Sometimes there are movies that just hit the genre jackpot like they have won big at Lucky Nugget casino or something. Breakup at a Wedding is one of those movies. It surprises with its concept comedy and the theme is carried out deftly, keeping you interested all the way to the not-so- predictable ending. Philip  [ Read More ]

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Review – World War Z

Posted by Zak Wojnar On June - 21 - 2013 0 Comment

I suppose the best thing that can be said about World War Z, Paramount’s bloated, contrived, sanitary, needlessly expensive mess of a film, is that it isn’t as downright terrible as the stories of its troubled production would have us believe. Just about everything in the movie is broken in some way, but there are  [ Read More ]

Review – Man Of Steel

Posted by Zak Wojnar On June - 13 - 2013 5 Comments

You Will Believe a Man Can Fly Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, and David Goyer have teamed up to give Superman the Batman Begins treatment, reintroducing the character in a realistic, plausible setting. The character finds himself torn between his Kryptonian blood and his American upbringing, represented by his two fathers; one from Earth, and one  [ Read More ]

Review – After Earth

Posted by Zak Wojnar On June - 3 - 2013 0 Comment

What happens when you take the father-son team of Will and Jaden Smith, maroon them on an Earth retaken by nature, and put M. Night Shyamalan behind the camera to direct the action-adventure which ensues? The answer is, unfortunately, nothing particularly memorable. In the future, literally fearless soldiers, Rangers, protect humanity from monsters who hunt  [ Read More ]